2017-18 IQAC Meetings Report

First Semester June to November – 2017

IQAC was established in 2003 for the quality assurance. The cell activates by initiating various innovative programmes/practices to raise the institutional potential to higher level of quality enrichment, sustenance and improvement.

Meetings are held semester-wise to discuss about the institutional academic matters as well as administrative related to teaching faculty, non teaching and students, parents-teachers meet, etc and followed by feedback mechanism.

Meeting with Teaching Faculty

1. During the year 2017-18
a meeting with teaching faculty was convened on 20th July. The agenda of the meeting was to deliberate upon-First year Ba/B.Com Admissions, the results of all the classes, revised syllabi, preparation of time-table, teaching plan, departmental activities plan, and also about chalking out programmes for the committees and cells, Extension/Fiels works, Linkages/MOUs/ Collaborations programmes.

2. Meeting with the Honourable president of the Management [Sharnbasaveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha] During the month of July – Meeting with the Hon,ble president of the management[Sharnbasaveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha] was held on 18th July, 2017 to discuss the recommendations of the NAAC PEER TEAM, proposed plan to organize National Seminars, about the infrastructural requirements, purchase of library books, proposed to organize Inter-collegiate Yoga Tournament and selection trials, and finally discussed about other academic plans fr the development of the students and faculty,

3. Meeting with the Honourable Secretary
Meeting with the Hon,ble Secretary of the sangha, sri Basavaraj Deshmukhwas held 9th August 2017 to deliberate upon to start new UG subjects like Geographic computer application etc., the proposal for the new subjects in BA course was sent on 21-10-2017 along with remittance of fee for the three subjects to the affiliation university vijayapur. After the recommendation report of the local investigation committee submitted on 9-1-2018 and after the recommendations of the syndicate council/committee meeting on 15-3-2018 and recommendations of the syndicate meeting on the same day i.e., 15-3-2018 the proposed subjects sanctioned letter dated 28-3-2018 was received on 10-4-2018. Accordingly the new subject combination for BA First year course like computer application economics and kannada.
Geography, History, Kannada, Journalism, History and kannada with 20 students intake was offered from the academic year 2018-19 onwards.

4. Meeting with the IQAC FULL BODY MEMBERS
The agenda of the meeting was to discuss various aspects of academic planning with the IQAC body and seek suggestions and guidelines to impart quality education. The discussion began with the presentation of existing picture of academic excellence of the college and carious activities undertaken, proposed to be undertaken by the college, infrastructural needs in the existing building and its renovations, new / modernising tools in teaching and learning and use of information technology for effective delivery was discussed. Management nominees suggested going for skills development in compliance with the local needs. The also debated upon environmental sensitization by incorporating in the main curriculum structure.

5. Meeting with students
During the month of July a meeting with the students was convened to

  • Discuss-students activities, orientation programme for first year students TQM for BA & Bcom scheduled on 11th July & 12th July.
  • Students Academy Elections held
  • Discussed about Internal assessment test scheduled on 3rd to 5th August 2017 and II internal assessment test scheduled on 12th to 14th September 2017.
  • Various students external activities undertaken on the 34th Punyasmaranotsva celebrations of Param Poojya Doddappa Appa, Tree plantation activity by the students held on 26th August 2017.

6. Meeting of Teacher – parents
During the month of August –Meeting with the parents- a meeting of Teacher-Parents was held on 13-8-2017. Around fifty parents and guardians attended the meet. Introductory remarks highlights were conveyed to parents regarding curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, facilities of the college, Godutai Prasad Nilaya, the rules and regulations of the college that the students have to follow and parents are expected to reciprocate and check their ward, certificate courses of all the departments like spoken English, classical dance, Folk songs, preparation of pearl ornament, clay modelling, best of waste #-commerce and business skills, the importance attending the course and the certificate which would help them in higher education or for job purpose. NSS, NCC, Sports general knowledge test youth festival literary and cultural, Music, Fine Art etc.

Parents discussed and conveyed their suggestions, like:
  • IAS and KAS coaching classes to be provided
  • Computer training to be conducted
  • Van and bus facility
  • Spoken English Course
  • To update students with general knowledge and the changing trends
  • Workshop on GST

It was assessed and found that most of their demands were already in practice. Like spoken English course and computer course for first year students was already sanctioned by the government.

Suggestion box was made available to students throughout, their problems were learnt and redressal would be made periodically.

- IAS and KAS coaching classes would be started
- Van facility would also be provided
- As sharnbasaveshwar vidya vardhak sangha had given more importance for women’s empowerment, the governmental and non governmental plans and programmes are in progress to meet the needs.

7. Meeting with SC/ST students
During the month of August - on 18th 2017 a meeting with SC/ST students was convened to discuss the scholarships schemes relating to their merit and other scholarships like government as well as non government for SC/ST/OBC/BCM/Minorities, sanchi Honnamma, Physically handicapped, Military scholarships, city corporation scholarships and labour scholarships.

Sc-75, Sc students received merit scholarship, OBC-334 students got fee concession, and general 32 students received Sanchi Honnamma government scholarships.

8. Meeting with Hostel Girls
During the month of August - on 25th 2017 a meeting with the hostel girls was held to discuss hostel wards issues like: maintenance of cleanliness, provision of Nutritional Food, Health power and water supply, doctors visit parents and relatives visit to the campus, security facilities and availability of reference books.

9. Students council meeting.
Common meetings with all the students under students council meeting held to discuss and debate upon overall aspects of the teaching-learning process.
Students Academy meetings [Agenda- Time-table, syllabus academic programmes related to syllabus external activities, certificate courses etc] discussed.

10. Meeting with students Academy.
During the month of September - 10-9-2017 students Academy meetings with reference to special coaching classes regarding library services availability for the preparation of the examinations and practical exams, internal assessment test marks submission completion of syllabi of all the classes discussed.

Second Semester – January to April – 2018
1. Meeting of AISHE-DCF-II
On January 3rd & 4th 2019 a meeting about AISHE-DCF-II was called to discuss and collect data to be uploaded. Accordingly, the data of faculty, students enrolment data, their results scholarships, books existing, new books added and total number of books in the library infrastructural details, financial information NAAC accreditation status, Teachers information format [TIF].
The collected data was uploaded on MHRD’s AISHE-DCF-II portal on 17th February 2018

2. Students Council Meetings
On 21st January 2018, a meeting was held to discuss and frame academic activities certificate courses of the departments, seminar for students on Article 371[J] scheduled on 31st Jan organization of Avva cultural fest on the theme of Hyderabad Karnataka’s fold literature and cultural celebration to be held on first week of April, discussed about first internal assessment test scheduled on 23rd to 25th Feb 2018 & second 31st March to 3rd April 2018 and a picnic to kudala sangam and Almatti Dam for BA final year proposed.

3. Meeting with the Hostel Girls
During the month of February – On 28th Feb a meeting was convened with the hostel girls to discuss their issues and problems address and redress their grievances like- use of mobile during the night, quality of food and water supply night time attendance.

  • Use of food and water supply redressed
  • Dinner timings at night was fixed 9.30
  • Visiting hours for the parents and guardians was fixed to 8.00pm to 8.30 pm
  • Conducting of special coaching classes in the evening for hostel wards was scheduled.

4. Meeting with Students’ Academy
A meeting was convened on 5th of april in connection with the valedictory function of students Academy-Kala-Vani scheduled to be held on 17th April 2018 various committees were formed to look into the success of the event. Activities regarding annual social gathering like competitions in sports literary and cultural were chalked out to conduct.

Mentoring for the students was to be conducted between 3rd and 8th April.

Farewell programme organization for final year BA&BCOn students scheduled to be held on 20th of April.


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