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7.2.1: Two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution

1. Best Practicec - I

Title of the Practice – Yoga for Health

Yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control and positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing a harmony in the body and mind. Yoga means unison of mind and body. As the saying goes Sound mind in a Sound body; Yoga provides both health and wealth. So daily practice of yoga will help to stretch and one body muscles.

Objectives of the practice

Yoga is an ancient physical and mental activity that affects both mood and stress. The present review study gests that yoga has positive effects on psycho physiological level that leads increased academic performance in college students. Hence the college is making all our efforts to promote yoga in the college .

The Context

The college is located in Kalaburagi in heart of the city. Our students are interested in yoga. Conduct Yoga every day one class students. Some of the students regularly practice after their class hours and some students are running yoga training centres in the town. Related to this subject we took MOU with yoga foundation Kalaburagi.

The Practice

The college every year celebrates 21st June as International Yoga Day. coordinated by the yoga foundation of Kalabuagi. Providing yoga training for the students in the college auditorium every day . The students regularly practice yoga in the college under the guidance of physical education director Smt.Janaki Hosur . The college has produced outstanding yoga exponents.
Our yoga students participate regional, state, national and international open yoga tournaments. Many exponents have won medals and prizes every year . The achievers are honoured and awarded.

Evidence of Success

The number of students who practice yoga regularly is increasing every year. Some of our Yoga exponents are working as Yoga trainers in various states. Thus, the college has its contribution in promoting Yoga on an International level. The list of excellent performers and achievers in National and International level is enclosed.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The college encountered a few problems while implementing the practice. Motivating the rural students to attend Yoga classes was the first problem. It was impossible for the rural students to reach the college in the early morning. The students were not financially sound enough to buy Yoga dress and Yoga mat. A trained Yoga teacher and his allowances to be met. So in the recommendation of physical director college provide yoga dress and yoga mat to the students. The students realised the benefits of Yoga & started to come voluntarily. Yoga teacher conducting the classes. The outcome is very encouraging. The college is of our students working as Yoga trainers, in other states.

2. Best Practice II : DIGITAL – CAMPUS

The institution considers the ‘Digital India’ programme as a landmark initiative of the central government as it transforms India into a knowledge based economy and digitally empowered society. The college believes that National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) of the central government should get adequate support from higher education institutions so that college campuses will become smart to facilitate the digital transformation process.

1. Aims and Objectives :

To be part of the national mission on ‘Digital India’. To impart technology based education to the students. To enhance the digital infrastructure of the campus to promote online learning. To shift into a paperless campus. To augment the e-governance practices in the campus. To develop applications to enhance transparency in various processes. To improve the digital literacy and digital skills of the students.

2. The Context :

Our institution has a tradition of supporting national missions especially that shape the young women. India has launched the Digital India Programme in 2015. Based on the national philosophy “IT +IT =IT” (India Talent +Information Technology = India Tomorrow), the management and IQAC of the college have taken special attention to bring state of the art facilities so that the campus becomes smart in terms of digital access of educational services, management information system, software based learning, paperless office, etc. The college believes that digital orientation in the campus is very important in shaping the career of students and their skill development. Further, the college community understands that shifting to the digital environment is very essential in order to become more efficient, effective and competent in the current scenario.

3. The Practice :

The college has a fully automated system called “Total Campus Solutions” (TCS). It is used for office management, student attendance, performance evaluation, Exam Management System, academic management, time table, continuous internal evaluation system, etc. The examination duties are assigned to the faculty members in an equitable manner. The college has nearly 70 computers and the student computer ratio is 9:1.. The college has three Computer Labs, one Digital Theatre and one E-learning Centre. Majority of the classes have either LCD projectors or Smart Baords. Videoconferencing facility is available for webinars and live streaming of important discussions such as Union Budget, state budget and other nationally important events. The FM 90.8 Radio media lab helps the teachers to record audio sessions for the benefit of students. The language lab helps the students improve their communication skills by using the software provided by E-Tail Networks Limited.
The college library is automated with E-Lib and subscribes e-journals, eShodhSindhu and e-books..NList and Delnet databases are also available in the library. The faculty members encourage the students to submit assignments based on the materials available in INFLIBNET, N-List, etc. Learning Management System Moodle is used by faculty and students. In addition, Google Classroom is also extensively used by the faculty. We subscribe MOOC . The office staff use Licensed Software such as MS- Office, MS Windows, Tally. softwares like Wifi-routers. Hi-speed internet facility is also made available One broadband 100 Mbps The college has provided digital infrastructure for differently-abled students including Braille Software.

4. Evidence of Success :

The Digital Godutai Initiative has been a very successful practice. The outcome of the initiatives undertaken by the institution is given below. The teachers have created a virtual class room facility for the students. The students can access study materials, power point presentations, video lectures etc. .The students have online instant access to their attendance. The students can login Student portal from our affiliation university and see their internal and annual examination marks and grade. Students use the performance evaluation module in the total campus solutions to record their feedback on performance of teachers. The student community uses the E-learning centre to get necessary literature for the project preparation. The students create video advertisements for the academic activities of the departments. Webinars are conducted in the videoconferencing room in which experts from different parts of the world interact with teachers and students. The main events in the college have our college you tube channel. The use of ERP and ERP-9 Software made the functioning of office more effective.

Problems Encountered and Resources Needed
  • At the time implementing MIS, there was problem of digital literacy. This problem was tackled through continuous awareness with software team.

  • Teachers were unaware of virtual class on recording techniques, now teachers given training on the preparation of digital content.

  • More ICT Enabled classrooms not enabled. But every year new LCD, Smart boards are added.

  • In 2017 we have only 32 computers but now financial support from the management 70 computers are in the campus.


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